8 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Your Home

8 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Your Home


8 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Your Home


Reduced Energy Bills

There is no denying that domestic heating fuel bills and constant increasing energy costs are putting significant strains on the average UK home’s disposable income. Experts agree that homes with poor insulation are the worst-affected since they spend more on energy than any other resident. It is known that up to 35% of your home’s heat escapes through uninsulated walls, while another 25% escapes through lofts and roof spaces that are not insulated. The positive within this is that insulated homes can help reduce your cooling and heating costs by up to 40% which will mean you can potentially save more on energy depending on your home’s size and type. Nonetheless, homeowners can qualify for government funding through our website, this is where we will send experts to install various insulation types in your property.

Increased Comfort & Relaxation

Comfort should be the top priority for any homeowner who considers their home to be their place of peace and serenity. Therefore, insulating your house is non-negotiable to increasing the comfort you and others experience. Having excellent insulation will keep your home warm during the winter months and cool during the summer, this is because insulation can reduce air leakage from doors, windows, and cracks. As such, you and your family members can remain relaxed throughout the year without relying on extra blankets, hot drinks, or wasting money on fans. As well as this, excellent insulation keeps cool and hot air consistent throughout your house, ensuring that every room has the same temperature during winter.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Research estimates that homes are responsible for about 15%of the UK’s total carbon emissions. This statistic essentially means that UK homes produce more carbon emissions than industrial processes and the entire agricultural sector. However, it is no secret that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere harms the environment. Indeed, excess carbon dioxide is largely responsible for the energy imbalance causing the Earth’s temperature to rise. More carbon dioxide creates an excess of greenhouse gases that lead to more heat. This heat is responsible for several phenomena, raging from rising ocean levels to melting ice caps. Fortunately, you can do your part for the environment by insulating your home to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Improve Energy Efficiency Rating

Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows how much your house costs to heat and light and how you can make it more energy efficient. Insulation makes a huge difference to your EPC rating. Moving to a new house? Whether you’re buying, selling or both – a good EPC rating adds value to the property. So, you’ll either add value to the home you’re selling, or you’ll be purchasing an energy-efficient home that will cost you less to run!

Mould Prevention

A leaky roof is undoubtedly an issue every homeowner wants to avoid because it is expensive and highly inconvenient. Such a roof can let snow and rain trickle into your home, rotting the wood structure and leading to mould growth. Fortunately, you can banish mould from your home with proper insulation. An added insulation layer forms a moisture barrier that prevents unwanted water from sneaking into your home. It is always easier and cheaper to install new insulation than replace an entire roof ravaged by mould damage, so keep this in mind.

Noise Reduction

It is typically well known that insulation can help with noise pollution, which many homeowners contend with. Noise pollution is a true enemy to residents, and it is challenging to prevent completely. Luckily, adding insulation to strategic areas like your exterior walls and lofts can lower external sounds like noise from traffic and aircraft by up to 50%. Insulation reduces noise by helping to absorb sounds that bounce off your floors and walls. You can also count on your home’s insulation to drown out annoying-home sounds like someone snoring in the room above you. Consequently, your home will become a quieter place to live in and relax.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Firstly, a properly insulated home has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of many respiratory conditions. Research shows that issues such as asthma and bronchitis can be better managed in homes that are properly insulated. Cold homes are often damp homes, and damp homes can provide conditions for particles and pollutants that are damaging to the lungs. It was found that 40% of diagnosed asthma can be associated with home exposures, but also reported that a lot of these problems can be solved with energy changing activities. Insulation would not only help fight moisture in the home, and therefore keeping away many pests, but also allow for a steady temperature to be more easily maintained in your house. Many studies showed that even those who didn’t consider that they had respiratory health conditions noticed an improvement in their health, such as reduced symptoms of allergies, throat irritation and common colds, so the health benefits of insulation aren’t just for those who have existing medical conditions.

Increased Property Value

Many experts agree that adding insulation is an excellent way to significantly boost your home’s overall value. It is true that, external wall insulation and other refined measures can drastically increase your property’s value. Even cheaper alternative measures like cavity wall or loft insulation are worthwhile because they increase your home’s value by a large amount and inevitably, you save £££. In addition, your well-insulated property will have a more impressive Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), so you will be more than willing to pay more for your energy-efficient home because you have done all the hard work. Therefore, your insulation investment will not keep you comfortable while living in your home but produce great returns when you are ready to sell.

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